We are happy to announce that registration is open for the 8th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence!

Register and purchase tickets for the convergence programming at Soule Homestead here:

Register for the Friday Field Trips throughout Eastern, MA here:

July 13th – 15th

Soule Homestead and Education Center
46 Soule Street, Middleborough, MA  02346

This year’s convergence will follow in the tradition of past convergences: open to everyone, with programming throughout and a chance to meet other permaculture designers and activists and folks new to permaculture.  The entire event will be very kid and family friendly with a full day of kids programming offered.

What you need to know about this year’s convergence. Read further for information about pricing, registration times, food, what to bring, etc.


Although the ‘cost of living’ is higher in Eastern, MA than many other convergence locations, our goal has been to make this event as affordable as possible. We’ve managed to keep stable or lower the costs of attending from last year. There is no profit made from this event, no administrative cost, and the planning team are all volunteers

  • Full weekend camping: $120 – $180 (sliding scale)
  • Full weekend commuting: $90
  • Saturday only: $35
  • Friday permaculture site tours: $20 – $32

Where does your money go when you buy a convergence ticket?

  • Site Fee to Soule Homestead – a portion of ticket costs pay for the use of Soule Homestead’s beautiful farm, fields and nature trails and will ultimately support the work they do teaching children where their food comes from, homesteading and farming skills.
  • Tents, tables, chairs – Tents will allow the convergence to happen rain or shine, and provide everyone with more workshop space outdoors. We have over 20 workshops happening in 6 locations through Saturday, and tent space for Friday and Sunday programming.
  • Work-trade and scholarships – for every ticket purchased, a few dollars supports the attendance of our volunteers as well as folks for which the cost of attending is prohibitive.
  • Food – although we cannot provide all meals pre-paid for this event, we will provide as much food to feed everyone throughout the weekend as possible. That’s 250 people over 3 days, and an additional 250 for Saturday.
  • Permaculture Site Tours – in exchange for their time, hosts of permaculture site tours are offered small monetary gifts to support their work or their staff’s attendance to the convergence
  • Programming – we spend a small portion of ticket costs on materials for workshops, hands-on demos, kid’s programming and on-site entertainment.
  • Insurance – we have insurance for this event to protect everyone in the event of an emergency of issue, and unfortunately it is expensive.

Registration and check-in

Onsite registration if you are attending the full weekend or Saturday program, is only open during these times:

Friday 1pm – 8pm

Saturday 8am – 2pm

The registration tent will be staffed throughout the convergence and is the central location in case of emergencies.

Pack-in, Pack-out

Our goal is to make this a zero waste event, so we ask that you pack-in, pack-out. We will be composting on site and hope to reuse any materials that we can. Recycling/waste facilities will be available in case the need arises.


This event is predominately bring your own food, and we will be suplementing with local fresh and fermented food as much as possible throughout the weekend. There is water available on site, and we’ll have coffee and tea. That said, if you can help us crowd source food for the convergence to feed everyone, please say yes when the registration form asks you.

There is limited refrigeration and heating facilities available onsite so plan accordingly. There are markets within driving distance of the site, and food vendors will be available onsite for Saturday lunch and dinner. Sunday Brunch will be provided for full weekend campers and commuters.

Please bring:

  • Food and a cooler if necessary
  • Fermented food to share with others
  • Cash if you will purchase food (Saturday lunch and dinner only) or other items from onsite vendors
  • Camping Gear if you are staying onsite (including a tent) and bedding (be prepared for rain) Your own dishware & utensils
  • A re-usable drinking container
  • Clothing / products that will protect you from the sun
  • Portable chair for outdoor presenters and music
  • A printed copy of your registration confirmation (this is necessary to enter the event)
  • Your own brilliant mind & heart

Optional items to bring:

  • Items to trade or gift
  • A swim suit if you plan on taking a run through the sprinkler
  • Drums and other instruments
  • A solar shower
  • Mosquito repellent

Please do not bring:

  • Alcohol / Drugs / Tobacco (Please, no smoking on site)
  • Pets (except service dogs)
  • Weapons

Also note: No fires on site and 10pm quiet hours


Join the Northeast Convergence PickupPal group to set up a carpool or rideshare to or from the Convergence.—July-13—15th-2012

Indoor Lodging

There are several options for indoor lodging near Soule Homestead. Here are some that are near the site:

  1. Boston/Cape Cod KOA Campground – Middleborough, MA
  2. Camp Kiwanee –
  3. Holiday Inn Express –

Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service is spotty and varies by carrier on site; generally Verizon has 1 bar, AT&T has 3 bars, and T Mobile/ Metro PCS are unreliable. There is a land-line for emergencies.


There is no WiFi or internet connection available onsite.


4 thoughts on “Registration

  1. Hi there,
    I was unable to go last year, and it was only 15 min from my house!!! 😦
    I just looked at my calendar and see that I teach through Sat. mid-day in Westchester so I could arrive some time in the later afternoon on Saturday. Can I attend from that point on through Sunday? What would the cost be for Sat. late afternoon through the end?
    Thanks. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    1. Hi, Diana!

      What a bummer that you couldn’t go. We are still working on getting all the registration details ready, but we’d love to have you come once you’re done teaching! Please check back on the website in the next couple of months to look at the schedule and the registration details.

      See you in July!

      Abbey/2012 Planning Committee

  2. What’s up with this conference? Is it happening? Registration is still not open and it’s supposed to be happening in just over a month…. I was planning to attend, but I’d like to confirm that it’s going to happen before I start making room in my schedule…

    1. Hey there, we apologize for the inconvenience. The event is definitely still happening. We’re doing our best to get registration up and running as soon as possible. Please, if you’d like, send an e-mail to and we’ll be sure to notify you the moment registration opens!

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