What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a Vision, a Design System, and a Community.

  • The Vision is of resilience and abundance, with vibrant local economies, healthy ecosystems, and thriving communities. People support each other to provide food, energy, shelter, and needs in a socially just and ecologically regenerative way.
  • The Design System is a holistic set of teachings that allow us to plan and create productive, cost-effective, and regenerative systems for our own families and communities.
  • The Community is a global movement – There are over 1 million practitioners, with over 5,000 projects in more than 140 countries.  (David Holmgren, 2003)

Permaculture combines Natural Building, Green Architecture, Renewable Energy, Appropriate Technology, Indigenous Wisdom, Land + Nature Stewardship, Alternative Waste Management, Nature-Based Education, Wilderness Awareness, Renewable Transportation, Alternative Economies, Agroforestry, Organic Agriculture, Community Living, Social Justice, BioDynamics, Edible Forest Gardening, and more into a coherent whole—a complete system for designing truly sustainable homes, businesses, and communities. It holds promise for people looking to survive and thrive in our quickly shifting world of climate change, peak oil, and global conflict.

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