Sunday Network Building

Did you know that we are part of an amazing regional permaculture network here in the Northeast?  A network that has been evolving and learning, connecting and aligning for many years now.  Read about the history of our northeast convergences here.

On Sunday we will dig into some of the questions of how “we are better together” than we are on our own.

Epworth_WorkshopConnect by Affinity Group

How do you identify yourself within the permaculture community?  Break out by affinity groups, such as:   Design and Business Development  |  Education & Teaching  |  Activism & Organizing  | Transition & Permaculture Synergies | Demonstration Sites & Applied Permaculture 

Connect by Geography

What is your “sub-region” within the Northeast Permaculture Network?  Who else is there and how can connecting and aligning by area support the work we are all doing?

060614 023And Finally, Interconnected and Nested Networks…

We may have our locally active permaculture homesteads and nodes, sub-regional or statewide networks, but we are all nestled within – and next to – other permaculture networks!  in fact, a big North American Permaculture Convergence is happening over Labor Day Weekend in Minnesota!  In this facilitated session we will have a chance to articulate more about the values, attributes and outcomes of the Northeast Regional Network, especially as it relates to developments in the broader continental and international permaculture community.


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