Sessions & Happenings

You will be able to choose from a selection of fabulous events and sessions throughout our regional convergence.

Our theme this year is “Celebrate our Interdependence!”  We hope you will find ways to weave a stronger permaculture network across our region as well as linking your permaculture work to affinity groups like Transition initiative folks, primitive skills/earth awareness practitioners as well as with the professional design community.

Suggest a session for the 2014 Northeast Permaculture Convergence!

We will accept content ideas throughout April and into early May and publish our preliminary schedule by May 15th or sooner.

Please feel free to suggest any type of content.  And we are especially interested in developing the following themes or tracks:

Farm-Scale & Broad-acre Permaculture
Transition, Affinity Groups and Network Building
Permaculture Professional Development
Social and Financial Permaculture
Permaculture for Kids & Youth
Plant and Soil Geekery
Permaculture as Service in a Changing World
Fun, Music, Art, Magic, Entertainment, Play
Health, Wellness and Healing
Primitive Skills, Earth Awareness, Sacred Landscape Design


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