Propose a Session or Activity


There’s still room for more sessions & activities at this year’s Convergence!

July 2012 098Please use this form to submit your idea for a session or activity.  We’ll get back to you within 2-3 work days to confirm.  If we can fit your session or activity into the schedule, you’ll also receive a discount code for 80% off your Convergence Tickets!

Thanks for your support!


Please feel free to suggest any type of content.  And we are especially interested in developing the following themes or tracks:

Farm-Scale & Broad-acre Permaculture
Transition, Affinity Groups and Network Building
Permaculture Professional Development
Social and Financial Permaculture
Permaculture for Kids & Youth
Plant and Soil Geekery
Permaculture as Service in a Changing World
Fun, Music, Art, Magic, Entertainment, Play
Health, Wellness and Healing
Primitive Skills, Earth Awareness, Sacred Landscape Design


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