Get Involved with Open Space Sessions

openspaceWe have reserved a portion of Sunday morning for some Open Space-Inspired  Discussions and Action Planning.  In the tradition of some past convergences (see an example here), members of the permaculture community will have an opportunity to identify topics of interest to our region and our work.  We will use an Open Space approach over the course of the weekend to identify those topics.  Then, on Sunday morning, break-out sessions will convene to discuss several of the topics and potentially move into action planning based on some suggested – but optional – session strategies and with convener/facilitator/scribe support.

What kinds of topics might these Open Space Sessions address?  Most likely they will relate to the Convergence Theme:  Envisioning Resilience! Inspired by Nature!  Some of the ideas that have come up so far include possibilities like:

  • The Future of Permaculture Education
  • A Community Created/Maintained Regional Permaculture Designer & Course Directory
  • Resiliency and bioremediation
  • Permaculture and Transition Initiatives (Connections, Collaboration, etc.)
  • EcoVillage, ReVillage:  What Does a Post-Oil Village Need?
  • A Permaculture Livliehood / How to integrate permaculture into how we make our way in the world / Permaculture business “best practices”

These are just a taste of the kinds of topics that could arise but, ultimately, the actual topics for Sunday will be dictated by YOU, the Convergence attendees!

To learn more about Open Space:

Are you interested in helping to be an Open Space support person for these sessions? Email us at

Do you want to start talking now about Open Space topics for the Convergence?  Use the comments area below!


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