Getting There

Driving Directions from the MOFGA web site

Public Transportation – There is a Concord bus from Boston to Belfast Maine (about 25 minutes away from the Convergence site).  It may be possible to organize carpools from Belfast using the Rideshare feature below or by posting a comment on this page to call for a lift!

BikeMaineSliderBicycling – Biking in Maine is amazing and beautiful.  For resources and tips check out The Bicycle Coalition of Maine web site.  In fact, maybe you’d like to ride your bike all the way to Maine!

Rideshare – Please let folks know if you can offer a lift to or from the Convergence and people who need a ride will coordinate with you!  You can also try posting a comment below if you’re looking for a lift!



6 thoughts on “Getting There

    1. Hi Mariel, I’m looking for a ride, too. Looking to leave Friday afternoon/night & return Sunday. I’ll be coming from Philly, but will pass thru NYC one way or another… maybe we can help each other out, aye?

  1. Hello fellow Convergers – I am looking for a ride to the Convergence from either Camden or Belfast (Maine) on Thursday afternoon. I am also looking for a ride from the Convergence to Brunswick on Sunday afternoon (I need to catch a 5:50pm train from Brunswick to Boston). If you can help please see my posting on the rideshare waitlist for my contact info. Thanks!

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