Friday Field Trips

You’re coming all the way to Unity, Maine… you might as well get the most out of it you can!  Join us for one of these fabulous field trip tracks and make sure you add the right field trip “ticket” to your order when you register for Convergence.

A few awesome things about the field trips:

  1. We include transportation for your whole day via mini vans so you don’t have to worry about navigating around, getting lost or being late.  PLUS you get to hang out with a bunch of permaculture people before the Convergence even officially starts!
  2. Your field trip ticket also includes 3 more meals: Thursday evening supper in the main hall, Friday  morning breakfast, and a packed lunch and snacks to take along on your field trip.  Don’t forget your own water bottle though.
  3. You get an extra night of camping on MOFGA’s beautiful grounds (plus, since you’ll be among the first to arrive, you’ll probably get your pick of woodland or field camp sites).
Field Trip Track Descriptions
Field Trip Track #1

66060008Visit the renowned Avena Botanicals and enjoy a custom garden tour with Herbalist and Teacher Deb Soule.  In addition to growing some of the most amazing medicinals in North America, Avena has been employing permaculture techniques and is the first Demeter-certified Biodynamic farm in Maine.  This stop will be followed by a visit to a the permaculture homestead of Ryan Entwistle to see various natural building techniques, Warre beehives and more.  We will finish this tour with a visit to Tom Griffin’s Hope’s Edge Farm, a market farm which has been producing nutrient rich food biodynamically for many years.  This track has something for everyone!

Field Trip Track #2

Rob_Cardillo2Don’t miss this opportunity to travel to one of the most beautiful sites on the coast of Maine to visit three wonderful homesteads/businesses.  First up is The Good Life Center, the very homestead that Helen and Scott Nearing built of stone by hand upon arriving in Maine from Vermont.  Then on to none other than Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Farm next door to see the latest innovations in season extension applied to an economically viable market farm.  Lastly, we’ll stop at the Tinderhearth Bakery, home to many permaculturists, artists and musicians to see how these worlds blend into community and commerce.

Field Trip Track #3 (Updated June 26)


Visiting three different and inspiring  homesteads this field trip has something for everyone.  For those of you who have an interest in “low impact” and “small footprint” homestead, Jim and Susan Cutting’s Homestead will feature a tour of some of their off-grid systems, They have many mounds, and have been grafting a bunch of trees. Susan can also talk about the Belfast Transition initiative.  Then a treat for perennial agriculture fans:  Mo Martin has been care taking his mountainside perennial homestead for many decades. While some of Mo’s plants came from nurseries, much of his focus has been on planting seeds and selecting from those plantings. He cultivates an incredibly wide diversity of fruits and nuts (some highlights include: a vast schisandra vineyard with over thirty plants all grown from seed, persimmon trees over thirty feet tall, enormous hardy kiwi vines, dozens of small fruit and berry varieties, and a wide array of nut species.) He has been humbly doing this work on his own for decades– this will be the first group tour ever of this incredible site.  We have much to learn from him.   We will end the day at a small-holding permaculture farm in Thorndike, Many Hands Farm with lots to share about their family-scale efforts.

Don’t forget to buy a Field Trip ticket for the Track of your choice!  Space is limited!


3 thoughts on “Friday Field Trips

  1. Hi
    We live in the area so don’t need accommodation. Can we sign up for the Friday field trip and get to the departure point ourselves at Unity. No matter how early not a problem.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    We also live in the area and can get to MOFGA for transport on Fri for field trip.
    In going to the registration, we see no option for just buying a field trip ticket w/o the meals and lodging. where can we find it?

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