Designers’ Lounge!

Saturday from 5:00 to 6:30 pm in the Poultry Barn

A Networking and Hangout Event for Established, New and Aspiring Permaculture Designers…

  • Are you an experienced permaculture designer able to share an example of your work?
  • Are you a newer designer looking for feedback on your work?
  • Are you an aspiring designer looking for ideas on what different techniques can look like?
  • Are you simply a PDC graduate looking to hang with some of your people?
  • Do you have a super-snazzy ‘lounge’ outfit to dress-up in? Monocle? Fancy hat? Bring it! Bring your best lounge lizard game!

600_25491891Then join us for a casual session we’re calling The Designers’ Lounge at the end of the day on Saturday (kind of a “happy hour” before supper).  If you can join us, drop Jesse a line (below) and bring along a sample design or portfolio, supporting written materials (questionnaires, intake forms, establishment/maintenance plans, etc.), photographs of projects and anything else that would be fun to share and show off.   Bring a cache of business cards to distribute to your compatriots and potential clients as well!

Contact for this session:

Jesse Watson midcoastpermaculture (at) gmail (dot) com
Midcoast Permaculture Design




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