Attendee Reminders & Information

Updated logistical information!  May be different than what is printed on your ticket if you are printing a ticket generated prior to June 28.  Thanks!


Yippee! You’re coming to the Convergence!

REGULAR ARRIVAL TIME: Any time after 2pm on Friday July 4th. Opening circle is scheduled for 5:00 pm with supper at 6:00 pm.

EARLY ARRIVAL TIME: Any time after 3pm on Thursday July 3rd for those who are attending Friday Field Trips or other Friday activities, or who are volunteering on the Thursday night or Friday setup crew).

CONVERGENCE END TIME: Closing circle is scheduled for 2:30 pm on Sunday July 6th.

Important Information:

Don’t forget to bring your camping gear (if you’re camping) including rain gear, flashlight or headlamp, water bottle, earplugs, bug dope, sunscreen, bathing suit. EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE.

SEATING for some sessions is on the grass/ground/haybales so if you want more comfort feel free to bring a little folding chair, seat or seat pad.

Musical instruments and talent show gear/props/costumes.
Literature and information about your organization or business for the Info Tables
Homemade beverages (like kombucha, beer, mead, wine) for tasting during our Friday evening “Bevvy Swap” and local beverages tasting.
Natural materials for the Kids’ activities/art space (stuff like bamboo stalks and/or other building, materials, willow whips, fleece, jute, twine, or sinew, skins or cordage)
Large canvas or light-colored banner with a blank side for a kids’ painting project
Frisbees, soccer balls, etc. for free play
BARTERABLE items and a blanket – Saturday midday is Barter Blanket Swapping on the common. Bring things you’ve made like art, jewelry, instruments, metal or pottery or wooden items you’ve crafted, etc.

*** Some mobile phone carriers don’t have a good signal at MOFGA so please don’t rely on your cell phone for 100% connectivity to the outside world. *** There is a wi-fi connection and electricity for phone charging in the main building.

While meals, drinks and snacks are provided, you may want to bring along a supply of any special foods or snacks you typically require – especially if you’re the kind of person who gets snacky between meals! Bring work gloves/shoes/clothes in case you want to participate in some hands-on projects!

DESIGNERS’ LOUNGE! Permaculture designers, bring some of your design work to pin up during our Saturday late afternoon, pre-supper Designers’ Lounge, “happy hour style.” All styles and skill levels welcomed and encouraged for discussion, feedback, and comradery!

FRIDAY NIGHT TALENT SHOW! Continuing the tradition from the 2013 Convergence in Quebec, Friday day night will feature a talent show drawn from our very own community! Do you sing, play music, do magic, or….???? When you arrive at Convergence there will be a clipboard to sign yourself up for Friday night’s show. Don’t be shy:)

DOGS: We are not able to host dogs at the event or on the MOFGA grounds with the exception of service animals who are on duty.

Woohoo! We can’t wait to see you!



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