#Permaculture Convergence Spotlight: Field Trips!

Friday July 4th is optional field trips, for which people are purchasing an extra ticket for $65.  Why so much?  Well, you get to come the night before and camp out, have supper, breakfast and a packed lunch, and transportation is provided via a fleet of mini vans (no stress trying to navigate the highways and byways of Maine on your own!).  Plus you get some quality time in advance of the Convergence proper to meet some new folks in a relaxed and fun way.

We have three awesome field trip tracks from which to choose.  They are all awesome.  

Here is a little site description from our friends at Many Hands Farm who will be featured on Field Trip Track #3:

5825621_origWe are a small family farm/homestead on 8 open acres of beautiful sloping fields. Our intention is to steward the land using permaculture and biodynamics with an open-hearted awareness of the community of people, plants, animals and nature spirits on the little patch of earth. They grow a diversity of mostly open-pollinated, heirloom varieties of vegetables; fruit and nut trees; medicinal, tea and culinary herbs; and many edible flowers. We raise Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, Welsh Harlequin and Ancona ducks and a good size flock of heritage breed chickens for eggs. 
Visitors may take a comprehensive tour of the many permaculture gardens, which demonstrate such techniques as sheet mulching, hugelkultur, edible landscaping, terraced farming, beauty, harmony and healing. Also see animals, unique cabins and outbuildings that all use a small footprint to create beautiful and highly functional spaces, a bunny/ worm composting system, biodynamic compost windrows and a goat milking demonstration.

Don’t forget to buy your convergence tickets by Monday  Night June 30th!



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