Look at the Richness of Convergence Session Names!

Wow, lots of last minute work on the schedule and new session ideas!  We’ll have the time slots shortly but wanted to share with you the richness of the session titles alone!!!  Descriptions and facilitator bios coming soon too.

Accelerating Cultural Succession
Bettie the Bus Demo: Waste Veggie Oil and Solar Electric Systems
Beyond Mental Health: Social and Emotional Wellness
Biochar Making + Hands-on
Common and Medicinal Supperpower plants!
Creating Beauty and working with the spirits of nature in permaculture design
Creating Meaningful, Ecological Ceremonies for People and Planet
Creating Resilient Cooperatives
Developing your green scalable business
Fairy House Building
Financial Permaculture
From mexican suburbia to permaculture in Maine.
Funding for Permaculture work
Get Cultured!: An Open Forum on Starter Cultures in Fermentation
Grass Fed Vegetables
Growing Soil with a Food Forest
Herbal Medicine-Making: Tinctures, Honeys, Oils & Vinegars
Herbs and Weeds as Food, Medicine and awesome compost!
Indigenous Wisdom
Labyrinths in Permaculture Design
Maine Heritage Orchard
Medicinal Herbs for the Permaculture Garden
Money, Gift, Community: Redesigning How We Make a Living
Morning Plant Meditation
Mycellium Running at the Maine Heritage Orchard – a MeHO work day July 5
Natural Building Methods and Materials
Non-Violent Communication as a tool for Permaculture
Nuts for the Northeast
Permablitzes: Reciprocity in Action
Permaculture Rewilding
Plant Propagation: The asexual gift that keeps on giving.
Propagation of Perennials and Woody Plants.
Putting the Culture into Permaculture
Seed Saving and Permaculture w/ Hands-on Seed Cleaning
Self-Care: A Prerequisite for Sustainability
Singing as a permaculture practice
Sustainable Foraging for Food and Medicine
The Ecovillage: Learning from Models of what is Possible
The Human Need for Sanctuary
Tools for Resilient Urban Ecosystems
Urban Permaculture
Villains and Vagabonds: The Beauty and Benefits of Misaligned Plants
Walking Tour of Plants on the Fairgrounds
zlow transportation overview
Zone 6: Permaculturing People


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