Session Spotlight: Lisa DePiano & Javiera Benevente

Lisa and Javiera join us from Western Massachusetts, representing themselves and Permaculture FEAST and Mobile Design Lab.  Make sure you jump on their awesome session about “Putting the Culture into Permaculture.”  Here’s a teaser:  “In this workshop, we will use participatory tools and techniques including listening exchanges,Theatre of the Oppressed, Story Circles and Sociometric Mapping to explore themes of loss of culture, (de)colonization, liberation, healing and transformation.”

Lisa DePiano is a certified permaculture designer/ teacher and faculty member at the University of Massachusetts and Yestermorrow Design/Build School. She is the lead instructor of Permaculture FEAST, and the founder of the Mobile Design Lab, which specializes in participatory design and installation. She is recent research fellow at the MIT Media Lab.
Javiera Benavente is an artist, facilitator and cultural organizer who has been organizing around a variety of social justice issues for over two decades. She’s currently working with Arts & Democracy Project, PVGrows and Permaculture FEAST. She is originally from Santiago, Chile and lives in Holyoke, MA.


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