Update on Confirmed Sessions

Hey Everyone…We have dozens of sessions booked for adults and kids and more sessions keep rolling in.  But here are a few titles to give you an idea of what’s on deck for Convergence Weekend!

  • Financial Permaculture – An intensive half-day on applying permaculture principles to business and financial design.
  • Biochar Making – Half slideshow/lecture followed by a hands-on session
  • “Grassfed Vegetables” – Farming with a European Scythe (including scythe demos)
  • Fermentation on Wheels – The fermentation bus is coming to the Convergence and will offer a full half-day learning experience
  • Non-Violent Communication as a Tool for Permaculture
  • Natural Building Methods and Materials
  • Plant Propagation: The asexual gift that keeps on giving
  • Permaculture ReWilding
  • Ecovillage & University Permaculture–where do we train our youth?
  • Labyrinths in Permaculture Design
  • Permablitz
  • Many herbal medicine and wild plant sessions
  • Morning yoga and herbal plant walks
  • Adding more daily!!!!





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